Sunday, July 7, 2013

Medicine and Relationships

        I may never be as inspired as I was then. I traveled. I avoided real responsibility. Not much went wrong. I never stayed in a place long enough for people to see my imperfections. I learned and grew and dreamed and everyone cheered me on.
        My life now consists of two things: medicine and relationships. Reading, music, writing, travel, and exercise are dreams in between dreams of IV medication and loops of small bowel. I chose the best and most intense Family Medicine residency I could find, so I'm not surprised I'm busy. I'm just surprised how quickly my life has focused onto two things, and excluded the rest. 
        It will not always be this way. I will have easier rotations, a couple weeks of vacation, a conference or two, and some weekends off here and there. I'll still pick up the guitar and the harmonicas every once in a while, and I'll get back on a regular exercise plan. I'm still as dry and sarcastic as ever. But change has come, and will keep coming.
        I can't write about the medicine I'll be doing because of a little piece of legislation called HIPPAA. That leaves relationships as the only substantive thing in my life I will be able to share with you over the next three years. If the first four weeks is any indication, I should have a lot to write about.
Brett, Casey, and me breaking in the new house

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