Friday, October 25, 2013

On the Tip of My Tongue

Not pretty things
Not words of power
Not ideas to discuss for an hour

Bitter feelings
From a smaller heart
Self takes the leading part

Prayers whispered
With a curse
This or nothing-- which is worse?

Take this filth
Make me speechless
Reveal Yourself-- I am helpless


He waits like a wolf
His cave is the couch
Nothing stirs 

Dusk breaks his repose
He goes to his work
Wary of nurse

The mission is all
Don't ask him what
Everything hurts

Thrice then the noose
Of straitjacket straps
Everything stirs






Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Wineskins

None of us here are new
Stale worn-out imitations all
Twelve or twenty, just a few 
Skin-covered sinners following a call.

I'm afraid I'm an old wineskin
Getting filled with new wine
Uptight with all the changing
And the holes I know I'll find.

So let's take all our skin
Layer upon layer
And ask Him to defend
As we hold Him together.

A fresh wineskin we've become
We pour out what we hold
Finding more left than the sum
New skin in place of old.

-For House Church. Inspired by Ah Rim. Based on the words of Jesus.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Oh Bee

Push! Puuush!
All you got now!
Good job! We gonna have 
A brand new baby!
How big you think she'll be?
What's her name, oh bee?
I like it, that's real pretty.

Four- five-- hey!
That was too fast now!
Now I wish I'd gowned.
I'm gonna wash up now;
Too-fast babies now,
Water breakin' too fast!
It's runnin' down my arms
It's all up on my pants now!

Six-seven-- wait!
We here but the attending ain't!
Baby don't you know?
You ain't welcome till he shows!
I forgot to write a note.
Now where'd I leave my phone?
Almost missed a call
Another labor-checkin mom.

Good push, good push.
Again now-- you so close!
Ok let's take her back
Block her, drape her, splash her
Ok let's drain her bladder, 
Womb incision, ruptured maybe--
Oh bee don't you dare cut that baby!

Dad's Sixtieth

I shared of family holidays,
I thought of Sunday dinners.
Grandad called, and we remembered.

The Spirit at house church
Renewed hearts of sinners.
God remembers!

Club Time with me or brother,
Love remains, and a picture,
What he said, I can't remember.

A birthday at house church,
Eating and singing for another.
But Dad, I remember.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Banquet of Life Serving Death

We are all partakers of death
Tasting the passing dishes of others
Awaiting our own course
Digesting grief before its time
Doing everything backwards
Crying before it comes
Sighing when it's time
Praising when it's passed.

Inspired by Kara Tippets
In memory of Dad