Monday, October 14, 2013

Oh Bee

Push! Puuush!
All you got now!
Good job! We gonna have 
A brand new baby!
How big you think she'll be?
What's her name, oh bee?
I like it, that's real pretty.

Four- five-- hey!
That was too fast now!
Now I wish I'd gowned.
I'm gonna wash up now;
Too-fast babies now,
Water breakin' too fast!
It's runnin' down my arms
It's all up on my pants now!

Six-seven-- wait!
We here but the attending ain't!
Baby don't you know?
You ain't welcome till he shows!
I forgot to write a note.
Now where'd I leave my phone?
Almost missed a call
Another labor-checkin mom.

Good push, good push.
Again now-- you so close!
Ok let's take her back
Block her, drape her, splash her
Ok let's drain her bladder, 
Womb incision, ruptured maybe--
Oh bee don't you dare cut that baby!

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