Saturday, January 6, 2018

8 Things I've Learned from 1 Year in Boone

1. How to bundle up for really cold temperatures. The essentials: four layers on top (base layer, shirt or turtleneck, fleece, and shell), two layers on bottom, a couple pairs of gloves and socks, a scarf, ear protection, and facemask. Anything less, and you will get chilled. Guaranteed.

2. Houses built on a ridge get gale-force winds on a regular basis. Get used to it, and make sure your window stripping is good (ours isn't).

3. Air conditioning is never truly needed, but is nice for a few days in July and August. Boone's all-time high? 90 degrees. Very nice!

4. Mountain pride runs deep in local families, the surnames of which include: Mast, Tester, Moretz, Norris, Coffey, Edmisten, Horton, Tatum, Adams, Winkler, Trivett, Winebarger, Eggers, and Farthing. At least, those are some of the common surnames I see in my line of work.

5. Floridians love it here. Locals, on the other hand, sometimes call them "Floridiots." There is also a regular flux of Charlotte and Atlanta folks. And on a not-unrelated note, real estate prices here have shot up like crazy over recent decades.

6. Downtown on game days is like LA traffic. Avoid it at all costs.

7. In the High Country, can't touch the accuracy, detail, or colorful local personality of

8. There are endless local festivals, parks, rivers, trails, and restaurants to explore!

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