Saturday, April 5, 2014

My prayer of failure

     God, give me the true humility that thinks of myself less, others more, and puts your kingdom first. Mold me into a disciple-maker. When reviled, you did not revile in return, but entrusted yourself to the Judge of all things. When weary, and the crowd sought you, you welcomed them, healed them, taught them, gave them bread.

     I am dust. My sense of worth comes from things of no more lasting value than dirt-- my intelligence, my skills, my personality, my wit, my looks. I have dishonored You by this and I repent. I turn from my self- absorption. All these things are corrupted and will fade sooner than I realize. They could be gone in an instant. All that will remain will be You.

     You give me good things: joy, peace, love, hope, faith, reasons to believe You exist and that You are who You said You are. You will use my doubts to speak into a doubting world. You will use my times of trial to melt and mold me into a vessel fit for your service. Your Spirit will use me to make disciples. You will wash away the dirt. Thank you.

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