Sunday, August 3, 2014

Jany Moussa

Twelve reasons why Dr. Jany Moussa is the man:

-He listens
-He is genuine
-He is warm
-He cares deeply about his patients and residents
-When he is upset, it is for a good reason
-He doesn't pull any punches
-He challenges us residents to be better
-He expects us to be good
-He encourages us when we do things right
-He believes in us
-He is a superb clinician
-He is always seeking to improve himself and others

For these reasons and others, everyone loves Dr. Moussa. I had the privilege of spending two weeks with him in June and seeing first-hand how he operates, and it was the most transformative two weeks of my first year of residency. I've since been trying to emulate many of the things I've listed above, and although it is slow going, hopefully I'm making some progress. These qualities fall under the three components of charisma that I learned from The Art of Manliness and am seeking to exemplify in my own life: Presence, Power, and Warmth. My new mantra.

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